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Belfast man and Irish political refugee Pol Brennan is facing the prospect of imminent deportation from the USA. As such republicans have launched a campaign to halt the deportation proceedings that are active against Pól.

Brennan has been in custody in Texas since he was arrested at a Border Patrol stop checkpoint over 100 miles from the Mexican border. Brennan had been in America since he escaped from Long Kesh as part of the Bold 38 Great escape. Despite the fact that the British government withdrew extradition proceedings against Pol in 2000, he remains in custody in Texas. His immigration hearing has now been moved forward from 24th September to 17th September. Pol is facing an uphill battle, with the odds firmly stacked against him. The breathtaking injustice of his case is sickening. This is a mans life, and the lives of his family at issue. Surely Homeland Security must realise this! How Pol can be considered a risk to the US or a risk to flight is beyond comprehension.

His case has similarities with the cases of Roisin Mc Al;iskey and Malachy Mc Alister. However Brennans detention appears to fly in the face of the support the US administration has given to the peace process. His arrest and detention are unnecessary. Pol is married to a US citizen, and despite provisions to waive his previous unlawful presence in the US, he remains in detention. Furthermore Pol is being held without bond, and has not even been given the opportunity to contest the refusal of bond despite the AOH making representations in his favour.

Republicans throughout Ireland and the US have rowed in behind Pols campaign. Sinn Fein, in particular Rita O Hare are doing all in their power to aid Pol. Congressmen Peter King, Richard Neal and Jim Walsh have all called for Pol to be released from detention. Pol is not undocumented and has not even been refused a work authorisation application, yet he is being held in confinement in a Federal Holding centre.

Republicans are urged to contact Pol with messages of support at his address:

Pól Brennan
A88 785 324Pearsall Detention Center
566 Veterans DrivePearsall,
TX, 78063

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