Small minded bigotry

The worlds number one Celtic band Charlie and the Bhoys were due to play a benefit gig tonight for Mac Millan Cancer charity. However due to the narrow mindedness of some bigots this is no longer the case.

Mac Millan have now pulled out of the venture due to take place at Glasgow Barrowlands tonight after receiving complaints about the planned gig from faceless bigots.

These bigots fail to see the bigger picture. This is not about a Celtic band playing a gig for charity, but about raising money top help the fight against cancer. These bigots have got caught up in their entrenched and warped mentalities, ignoring the grim realities. As anyone with an ounce of rational thinking will realise, cancer is a scourge that has no regard for race, religion , colour or age. I just hope these bigots know the damage they have done in denying Mac Millan this much needed cash.

CATB lead singer Jim Scanlon has been a long term exponent of Mac Millan. Jim is in remission after suffering from cancer himself. He has only two years left before he gets the all clear. He has undertaken multifarious ventures to raise funds for Mac Millan and other cancer charities including marathons, gigs and the donation of revenue from CATB’s new Tommy Burns song. The humanity of Jim has shone through even in these challenging times when he says that he hopes the complainants never know the ravages of cancer nor have to avail of the services and care they are seeking to deny others.

However the bigots have failed to ruin the venture in its entirety. CATB will still play the gig tonight with the proceeds now going to the new charity set up by the family of Celtic great Tommy Burns who succumbed to cancer in May.

For further information on the gig or to make a donation check out further details at www.charlieandthebhoys.com.

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