Same old Sammy!

I see that while many in the DUP have managed to come to terms with the political progress of recent years Sammy Wilson is remaining true to his old self.

It is reported in today’s Irish News that Sammy has banned officials from the 26 counties from sitting on the three councils that advise his Department of Environment.

This is odd considering that the environment is one area where an artificially imposed border has sweet fuck all impact or relevance!

Issues such as bird protection, global warming and carbon emissions have no regard for questions of jurisdiction!

Sammy’s ‘Protestant state for a Protestant people’ entrenched mentality could spark trouble on a number of levels.

Firstly it jeopardises the cross-border work on environmental protection that has already been implemented to date.

Secondly it merely compounds the existing difficulties between SF and the DUP. With issues like the Irish Language Act and the Maze Stadium remaining a bone of contention, Sammy is simply increasing the pressure on the executive. In an even wider context it will strain relations further in relation to the devolution of policing and justice powers.

Sammy and a few of his DUP stooges need to wake up and smell the coffee. The days of the irascible DUP head honchos calling the shots are over. They need to realise that they can not have power without sharing it with Nationalists!

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