Red Hand to raid Kingdom

This is a weird day for this Orangeman. As an Armagh man many a days banter and good natured slagging has been had with our Tyrone brethren in Croke Park.

My best and worst days have been in that stadium against both these teams today. The best was when we lifted Sam in 2002 against Kerry and the worst was in 2003 when we lost in the final to Tyrone.

The debate regarding the back door is for another day but the fact that both these teams would have been out of the competition a few years ago is not lost on Armagh, Cork, Dublin or Galway people.

That being said I am an Ulsterman and I will always support an Ulster team, even Down.

It's for that reason that I hope the Red Hand of Ulster takes the Sam Maguire back up North where it belongs.

The minor final was fantastic and neither Tyrone nor Mayo deserved to lose, a draw was a fair result.

UPDATE: Ulster says NO to Kerry's 3 in a row!

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