Jeffs great escape

I see that Jeffery Donaldson made a great escape of his own yesterday. As many of you will know wee Jeff refused to accept a joint peace award with Gerry Kelly on stage in the USA.

Jeff was seething that Kelly had the gall to feature in a programme remembering The Great Escape. This shows the petty mindedness of rejectionist Unionist like wee Jeffery. Gerry Kelly was one of the prominent master minds behind the escape so it is only logical that he should talk about it.

It seems the main issue is that Kelly admitted shooting a screw during the escape. I do not see the problem as this is a well known fact. Would Jeff prefer Kelly to lie and deny shooting the screw? Furthermore the screw in question knew only too well the consequences of attempting to halt the escape as Kelly left him in no uncertain terms as to what would happen.

The plethora of outrage vented on the Nolan show by Unionists raises a few issues.

Firstly they talk about the poor traumatised screws. Is this the same traumatised screws that hospitalised several prisoners in the aftermath of the escape? One in particular gave wounded escapee Harry Murray a vicious kicking. This from a born again Christian as well! The brutality of the screws in the aftermath of the escape is now clear and has been reinforced by the fact that several prisoners have been awarded compensation for the injuries they received at the hands of these traumatised screws. Unionists have very little to say on this matter.

Furthermore this furore shows that republicans can not tell their story. Any time republicans try to relate their story to the wider world Unionists cry outrage. One of the greatest escapes in the history of man could not be celebrated due to the over sensitivities of Unionism. Had this escape been by Brit prisoners it would be a block buster movie by now.

It is ironic that the Church of Ireland this week said that more has to be done to ensure that Protestant suffering over the last thirty five years is not forgotten. It seems that republicans are not allowed to tell their story. It seems that if you do not agree with wee Jeff you must remain silent.

Now theres a democracy wee Jeff would love.

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