Honouring a campaign of mass murder.

I see that a service was held in St Pauls Cathedral in London today, to mark ‘the end of the British army’s role’ in the six counties.

Among those to attend were cold blooded H-Block martyrs murderer Maggie Thatcher, Britain’s Prince Charles and ex-RUC supreme Ronnie Flanagan.

Just what the service was in honour of remains to be seen.

It seems odd to celebrate one of the most sickening campaigns of mass murder this island has ever witnessed. No doubt there was no mention of the 300 odd people murdered by the British Army in the six counties. The monopoly of suffering was no doubt confined to the 700 British Army personnel( at least that’s how many they officially claimed, figures probably more if you count all the Brits that died in German car crashes etc..) who were killed during the war in the six counties.

Many of those in attendance would know all about the pain and suffering caused by Britain’s forces in the six counties. Maggie Thatcher who presided over mass murder in the six counties and Ronnie Flanagan in particular. Maggie callously let ten brave men starve to death in the Kesh, whilst the RUC shot dead scores of Nationalists in their shoot-to-kill policy during Flanagan’s tenure.

Perhaps the end of the Brits campaign could have been marked with an apology for the hurt and suffering they have forced upon the people of this island. There was no sorry for the families of Peter Mc Bride, Majella o’Hare, Kevin Heatley or Aiden Mc Anespie. There was no apology for kicking in doors and ransacking homes at 4am. There was no mention of beating young men senseless at checkpoints. There was no mention of the Ballymurphy Massacre or the unprovoked murders of Bloody Sunday.

It seems this was a pathetic spectacle of self praise and wallowing in self pity. It would be more apt if these cold blooded bastards finally acknowledged the suffering they inflicted upon this country in what was a tyrannical and barbaric campaign!

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