Willie Wonka to the rescue!

I see that Wee Willie has came to the rescue of his FAIR crony William Wilkinson.

The former DUP representative in Ballymena, was yesterday charged with raping and attempting to rape a woman. Wilkinson vehemently denies the charge and was released on bail by a high court judge yesterday.

However at this point I must point out that I support the due process of the law. Being charged is by no means a sign of Wilkinsons guilt. He could very well be innocent. Only time will tell.
Wilkinson was granted bail after the High Court heard that wee Willie was acting as surety for Wilkinson.

Now if Wilkinson is proven guilty of the charges this leaves wee Willie in quite a quandary. Firstly he will have bailed out a rapist. Secondly he will have had a rapist as an integral component of the FAIR project. The already sullied reputation of FAIR will be decimated for good.

This reminds me of the FAIT debacle with Vincent Mc Kenna a few years ago. The evil anti-republican mouth piece was found guilty of abusing his daughter. The man who purported to represent peace and justice was sowing seeds of the most heinous evil in his own home! It could very well emerge that Wilkinson also has a darker side than FAIR would like the world to know.

This latest scandal asks a lot of questions about these so called victims campaigners. Two sex scandals in the last number of years. Only time will enable the truth about the allegations against Wilkinson to emerge. Either way his and wee Willies reputations are already damaged. However in a few months wee Willie could really feel the damage if Wilkinson is found guilty.

There is a lot to be said for these people who speak about the ‘evil’ of republicans.

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