Sullying the name of Civil Rights

It was with a sense of bemusement that I learned that Blueshirt Stoop Austin Currie is to be awarded by the Herbert Summer School for his contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

This is astonishing considering what Currie did in the aftermath of the rent and rates strike. In this contributors opinion he should be getting an award for treachery and deceit! His actions were anathema to the cardinal precepts of what the Civil Rights movement set out to achieve!

He encouraged people not to pay their rent and rates and then after getting himself a cosy little political position he was running around Tyrone forcing people to pay their rent and rates. It is disgusting that someone as despicable as Currie should even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Civil Rights Movement never mind being awarded for his inactivity!

Furthermore his later political bedfellows leave very little to the imagination. How someone who purports to support civil rights and democracy can join the Blueshirts is beyond comprehension! This shows the true colours of Currie. Just like the Blueshirts he is a West Brit at heart, always was and always will be in my opinion!

It is time that people starting realising that Currie was in the Civil Rights set up because he saw it as a way of propelling himself to political fame. His opprobrious actions after the rent and rates strike show just how indifferent he really was to the plight of the ordinary working class person!

The Herbert Summer School have a lot to answer for!!!!!!!

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