Shoot to kill a failed policy

I see that Ian Og is advocating a vengeful return to the failed police policy of shoot-to-kill.

According to Ian Og “Police officers should have the opportunity to employ lethal force against those who would seek to kill them”.

Now there are a number of problems with the policy that Ian Og is such a staunch exponent of.

Firstly past experiences show how Peelers abused this practice and directly murdered scores of innocent Nationalists/Republicans in cold blood.

Young Pearse Jordan was gunned down by RUC men as he travelled the Falls Road in late 1992. Although an IRA volunteer, Jordan was unarmed at the time of his death. His car was rammed by RUC men and Pearse was callously shot in the back as he staggered away from his car. Is this the type of situation that Ian Og is seriously calling for? If so this is definitely worst that all his recent political gaffes.

There is also the case of Volunteer Peter Cleary. Cleary was an active member of the South Armagh Brigade when he was dragged from a house by the SAS and shot dead following extensive torture. He was unarmed, and at his inquest the SAS made illogical claims that Cleary attacked the officer interrogating him and made a break for the border just a few yards away. Is Ian Og calling for summary execution of this type on a grand scale?

Than there are the cases were the Brits/RUC have ‘mistaken’ innocent civilians as gunmen. Majella O’ Hare, Aiden Mc Anespie, Bloody Sunday, Peter MC Bride etc. This policy enabled the state to murder innocent Nationalists in cold blood and escape unscathed.

Ian Og has also overlooked the fact that the policy he is supporting is in direct contravention of the European Convention of Human Rights. And although Ian Og may not like it, republicans do have human rights! The extent of how inhuman this policy actually is was conveyed in the European Courts. Time after time the Brits have been castigated in the European Courts for violating the human rights of republicans.

It is disgusting that someone that holds the office that Ian Og fulfils should make such a blatantly callous claim. He is only too aware of the hurt and pain this policy has caused the Nationalist community over the last number of decades. After all his father had people marching up the hills of Antrim claiming that they were prepared to do whatever it took with their legally held firearms if the cause of Ulster needed it!

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