A child killer is no war hero!

I was disgusted to learn that the British military establishment are now exalting murdering bastard Para Lee Clegg in Afghanistan, as some type of noble war hero. Portraying a child killer as a hero is despicable, even by Brit military standards!

This bare faced lie will ring hallow in West Belfast, where Cleggs name lives on with notoriety. On 30th September Lee Clegg was part of a Para unit that opened fire on a Vauxhall Astra on the Upper Glen Road in West Belfast. Two teenagers Karen Reilly (18) and Martin Peake (17) were killed as a result of the gunfire.

A total of 19 shots were discharged by the Para unit. Four of these came from Cleggs gun. Clegg was given a life sentence for the murders in 1993. It seemed that finally the Brit establishment were prepared to punish murderers within its ranks with the austerity required.

However following a prominent campaign by Brit rag newspapers( who never had any sympathy for the loved ones of innocent victims of Brit violence) and Unionist politicians Clegg was released under licence by then SoS Patrick Mayhew. To add further insult into injury Clegg was rapidly re-admitted to the Brit Army, even receiving promotion from Private to Sergeant.

Now the very papers that championed the murderers case are exalting him for his efforts in the war of terror in Afghanistan. There is very little to stop Clegg murdering children in cold blood again over there! Instead the papers praise this sick bastard for having “repeatedly braved Taliban fire to rescue wounded comrades and bring back the dead”.

Bring back the dead!!!! The sick bastard murdered two children in Belfast!!!! That’s not quite bringing back the dead, but creating the death list!!! The folly of the praise is truly shocking. How this so called newspapers can heap praise on such an evil person is beyond comprehension. Perhaps they should eulogise Myra Hindley and Ian Huntley, two other child killers?

The most opprobrious of comments were made by Brit General Sir Anthony Walker, ex-Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff. He trumpeted that “fifteen years ago he was in a prison cell serving a life sentence… toady as Sergeant Clegg he’s back at this sharp end of the war, providing essential support to soldiers of his battalion who are wounded in action”. This is unbelievable! Walker fails to mention the sharp end of the war in West Belfast when Clegg murdered two children or the essential support he gave to his murdering Para unit that night!

This is just the latest in a long line of insults to the families of victims. First there was the debacle regarding the two Scots guards who murdered Peter Mc Bride and now Clegg1 This must stop. There can never be justice for Majella O Hare, Peter Mc Bride, Aiden Mc Anespie, Karen Campbell or Martin Peake, whilst the Brit establishment protects their killers or exalts them as demi-gods!

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Joe said...

Dumb cunt. They weren't victims they were joy riders a fact you quite slyly omitted from your post. And driving round them ends and going through a checkpoint they must have known the risks. The Paras did their jobs and the fact you want to drag an innocent man's name through the mud for some daft nationalistic ideology (that is opposed to free elections and democracy...oh forget that the majority of the N.I population wish to remain part of the UK did you?) is despicable.