Bully Billy boys getting worse

This Sunday sees the first Old Firm of the new season kicking off.

On the pitch Celtic appear to have a few injury worries. Most notably prolific hit man Scot Mc Donald and big Jan, and now it seems the Prodigal Shaun, who set Parkhead alight on his return last week (which I was privileged enough to see). I think an awful lot of this is media hype, and I think that the Hoops should ease past the despondent Gers side. Their display against Falkirk was magical at times, with Samaras even grabbing himself a brace!

More interesting will be the abuse the Gers fans direct at the Parkhead faithful. Over the years the situation has got progressively worse. It started off with the naked sectarianism of chants such as the Billy Boys, moving onto the racist monkey chants at Balde and now culminating in the ‘Nakamura ate my dog’ banners.

These ‘fans’ (I don’t really think you can call them fans) are letting the club they purport to love down. Their display in Manchester was despicable and demonstrated to the world just how far removed from civilisation The Forces of Darkness actually are. It was this type of behaviour that earned them the moniker ‘The Huns’ in the first place!

The media, most notably The Daily Rectum, try to portray the situation as a ‘ones as bad as the other’ type. This is irrefutably inaccurate. Celtic fans are not, never were and never will be sectarian. The club was born out of the oppression of the Irish in Glasgow and their ensuing plight. The fact the club and fans are proud of our Irish ethos does not make us sectarian.

However the most harrowing and distasteful abuse yet to emanate from the Castlegreyskull bigots is the ‘Big Jock Knew’ (BJK) campaign. These bigots have launched a campaign inferring that Jock Stein, the greatest manager Scotland ever witnessed, knew about the child abuse that was going on at Parkheads youth setup in the 1960’s. To blacken the name of such a great man, especially when he is unable to defend himself, is opprobrious. The graffiti artists were out in force in Calton. Driving past the Crimson Star and Walkers it was not long before the BJK graffiti started emerging. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. There was no ‘Unionist politicians knew about Kincorra’ graffiti about!

These idiots appear to have forgotten that it was the very same Big Jock who personally offered valuable assistance to the Ibrox club following the Ibrox disaster in the 1970’s. However it must be acknowledged that not all Ger fans are buying into this crap. Several fans have registered their disgust at this pathetic smearing of Stein on radio phone-in’s

Jocks family and Celtic have by and large ignored these idiots, refusing to lend weight or credibility to their outrageous claims. The Celtic fans responded in the most positive manner possible. They unfurled a banner of Jock asking the Teddy Bears ‘Is it cold in his shadow?’

This Sunday the numskulls from Castlegreyskull will find out just how cols it is!!!!!!!

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