Willie Wonka to the rescue!

I see that Wee Willie has came to the rescue of his FAIR crony William Wilkinson.

The former DUP representative in Ballymena, was yesterday charged with raping and attempting to rape a woman. Wilkinson vehemently denies the charge and was released on bail by a high court judge yesterday.

However at this point I must point out that I support the due process of the law. Being charged is by no means a sign of Wilkinsons guilt. He could very well be innocent. Only time will tell.
Wilkinson was granted bail after the High Court heard that wee Willie was acting as surety for Wilkinson.

Now if Wilkinson is proven guilty of the charges this leaves wee Willie in quite a quandary. Firstly he will have bailed out a rapist. Secondly he will have had a rapist as an integral component of the FAIR project. The already sullied reputation of FAIR will be decimated for good.

This reminds me of the FAIT debacle with Vincent Mc Kenna a few years ago. The evil anti-republican mouth piece was found guilty of abusing his daughter. The man who purported to represent peace and justice was sowing seeds of the most heinous evil in his own home! It could very well emerge that Wilkinson also has a darker side than FAIR would like the world to know.

This latest scandal asks a lot of questions about these so called victims campaigners. Two sex scandals in the last number of years. Only time will enable the truth about the allegations against Wilkinson to emerge. Either way his and wee Willies reputations are already damaged. However in a few months wee Willie could really feel the damage if Wilkinson is found guilty.

There is a lot to be said for these people who speak about the ‘evil’ of republicans.

Bully Billy boys getting worse

This Sunday sees the first Old Firm of the new season kicking off.

On the pitch Celtic appear to have a few injury worries. Most notably prolific hit man Scot Mc Donald and big Jan, and now it seems the Prodigal Shaun, who set Parkhead alight on his return last week (which I was privileged enough to see). I think an awful lot of this is media hype, and I think that the Hoops should ease past the despondent Gers side. Their display against Falkirk was magical at times, with Samaras even grabbing himself a brace!

More interesting will be the abuse the Gers fans direct at the Parkhead faithful. Over the years the situation has got progressively worse. It started off with the naked sectarianism of chants such as the Billy Boys, moving onto the racist monkey chants at Balde and now culminating in the ‘Nakamura ate my dog’ banners.

These ‘fans’ (I don’t really think you can call them fans) are letting the club they purport to love down. Their display in Manchester was despicable and demonstrated to the world just how far removed from civilisation The Forces of Darkness actually are. It was this type of behaviour that earned them the moniker ‘The Huns’ in the first place!

The media, most notably The Daily Rectum, try to portray the situation as a ‘ones as bad as the other’ type. This is irrefutably inaccurate. Celtic fans are not, never were and never will be sectarian. The club was born out of the oppression of the Irish in Glasgow and their ensuing plight. The fact the club and fans are proud of our Irish ethos does not make us sectarian.

However the most harrowing and distasteful abuse yet to emanate from the Castlegreyskull bigots is the ‘Big Jock Knew’ (BJK) campaign. These bigots have launched a campaign inferring that Jock Stein, the greatest manager Scotland ever witnessed, knew about the child abuse that was going on at Parkheads youth setup in the 1960’s. To blacken the name of such a great man, especially when he is unable to defend himself, is opprobrious. The graffiti artists were out in force in Calton. Driving past the Crimson Star and Walkers it was not long before the BJK graffiti started emerging. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. There was no ‘Unionist politicians knew about Kincorra’ graffiti about!

These idiots appear to have forgotten that it was the very same Big Jock who personally offered valuable assistance to the Ibrox club following the Ibrox disaster in the 1970’s. However it must be acknowledged that not all Ger fans are buying into this crap. Several fans have registered their disgust at this pathetic smearing of Stein on radio phone-in’s

Jocks family and Celtic have by and large ignored these idiots, refusing to lend weight or credibility to their outrageous claims. The Celtic fans responded in the most positive manner possible. They unfurled a banner of Jock asking the Teddy Bears ‘Is it cold in his shadow?’

This Sunday the numskulls from Castlegreyskull will find out just how cols it is!!!!!!!


Shoot to kill a failed policy

I see that Ian Og is advocating a vengeful return to the failed police policy of shoot-to-kill.

According to Ian Og “Police officers should have the opportunity to employ lethal force against those who would seek to kill them”.

Now there are a number of problems with the policy that Ian Og is such a staunch exponent of.

Firstly past experiences show how Peelers abused this practice and directly murdered scores of innocent Nationalists/Republicans in cold blood.

Young Pearse Jordan was gunned down by RUC men as he travelled the Falls Road in late 1992. Although an IRA volunteer, Jordan was unarmed at the time of his death. His car was rammed by RUC men and Pearse was callously shot in the back as he staggered away from his car. Is this the type of situation that Ian Og is seriously calling for? If so this is definitely worst that all his recent political gaffes.

There is also the case of Volunteer Peter Cleary. Cleary was an active member of the South Armagh Brigade when he was dragged from a house by the SAS and shot dead following extensive torture. He was unarmed, and at his inquest the SAS made illogical claims that Cleary attacked the officer interrogating him and made a break for the border just a few yards away. Is Ian Og calling for summary execution of this type on a grand scale?

Than there are the cases were the Brits/RUC have ‘mistaken’ innocent civilians as gunmen. Majella O’ Hare, Aiden Mc Anespie, Bloody Sunday, Peter MC Bride etc. This policy enabled the state to murder innocent Nationalists in cold blood and escape unscathed.

Ian Og has also overlooked the fact that the policy he is supporting is in direct contravention of the European Convention of Human Rights. And although Ian Og may not like it, republicans do have human rights! The extent of how inhuman this policy actually is was conveyed in the European Courts. Time after time the Brits have been castigated in the European Courts for violating the human rights of republicans.

It is disgusting that someone that holds the office that Ian Og fulfils should make such a blatantly callous claim. He is only too aware of the hurt and pain this policy has caused the Nationalist community over the last number of decades. After all his father had people marching up the hills of Antrim claiming that they were prepared to do whatever it took with their legally held firearms if the cause of Ulster needed it!


A child killer is no war hero!

I was disgusted to learn that the British military establishment are now exalting murdering bastard Para Lee Clegg in Afghanistan, as some type of noble war hero. Portraying a child killer as a hero is despicable, even by Brit military standards!

This bare faced lie will ring hallow in West Belfast, where Cleggs name lives on with notoriety. On 30th September Lee Clegg was part of a Para unit that opened fire on a Vauxhall Astra on the Upper Glen Road in West Belfast. Two teenagers Karen Reilly (18) and Martin Peake (17) were killed as a result of the gunfire.

A total of 19 shots were discharged by the Para unit. Four of these came from Cleggs gun. Clegg was given a life sentence for the murders in 1993. It seemed that finally the Brit establishment were prepared to punish murderers within its ranks with the austerity required.

However following a prominent campaign by Brit rag newspapers( who never had any sympathy for the loved ones of innocent victims of Brit violence) and Unionist politicians Clegg was released under licence by then SoS Patrick Mayhew. To add further insult into injury Clegg was rapidly re-admitted to the Brit Army, even receiving promotion from Private to Sergeant.

Now the very papers that championed the murderers case are exalting him for his efforts in the war of terror in Afghanistan. There is very little to stop Clegg murdering children in cold blood again over there! Instead the papers praise this sick bastard for having “repeatedly braved Taliban fire to rescue wounded comrades and bring back the dead”.

Bring back the dead!!!! The sick bastard murdered two children in Belfast!!!! That’s not quite bringing back the dead, but creating the death list!!! The folly of the praise is truly shocking. How this so called newspapers can heap praise on such an evil person is beyond comprehension. Perhaps they should eulogise Myra Hindley and Ian Huntley, two other child killers?

The most opprobrious of comments were made by Brit General Sir Anthony Walker, ex-Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff. He trumpeted that “fifteen years ago he was in a prison cell serving a life sentence… toady as Sergeant Clegg he’s back at this sharp end of the war, providing essential support to soldiers of his battalion who are wounded in action”. This is unbelievable! Walker fails to mention the sharp end of the war in West Belfast when Clegg murdered two children or the essential support he gave to his murdering Para unit that night!

This is just the latest in a long line of insults to the families of victims. First there was the debacle regarding the two Scots guards who murdered Peter Mc Bride and now Clegg1 This must stop. There can never be justice for Majella O Hare, Peter Mc Bride, Aiden Mc Anespie, Karen Campbell or Martin Peake, whilst the Brit establishment protects their killers or exalts them as demi-gods!


Sullying the name of Civil Rights

It was with a sense of bemusement that I learned that Blueshirt Stoop Austin Currie is to be awarded by the Herbert Summer School for his contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

This is astonishing considering what Currie did in the aftermath of the rent and rates strike. In this contributors opinion he should be getting an award for treachery and deceit! His actions were anathema to the cardinal precepts of what the Civil Rights movement set out to achieve!

He encouraged people not to pay their rent and rates and then after getting himself a cosy little political position he was running around Tyrone forcing people to pay their rent and rates. It is disgusting that someone as despicable as Currie should even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Civil Rights Movement never mind being awarded for his inactivity!

Furthermore his later political bedfellows leave very little to the imagination. How someone who purports to support civil rights and democracy can join the Blueshirts is beyond comprehension! This shows the true colours of Currie. Just like the Blueshirts he is a West Brit at heart, always was and always will be in my opinion!

It is time that people starting realising that Currie was in the Civil Rights set up because he saw it as a way of propelling himself to political fame. His opprobrious actions after the rent and rates strike show just how indifferent he really was to the plight of the ordinary working class person!

The Herbert Summer School have a lot to answer for!!!!!!!