What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here.

I always seem to take a break from this blogging lark during the summer, there is always better things to be at when the sun is shinning. Work has been mental and so my time seems to be divided between working, sleeping, working and a bit of drinking thrown in for good sanity.

It doesn't really matter because the themes always stay the same.

I see that Coleraine has once again raised it head when it comes to vile sectarianism. I am referring to the abuse that two young Dublin teams faced at the Milk Cup.

The two teams had to be moved after their building was attacked by stones and their players and staff subjected to vile sectarian abuse from knuckle dragging dross.

Paul Hammond from Crumlin United said sectarian remarks were shouted.

"There were bottles, cans of beer, bricks and all sorts coming over towards the kids. The kids were terrified. Some of them are 14, others are 15,"

We shouldn't be surprised by this, attacking children has always been a hallmark of those sensible sons of Ulster. Let's not forget that their Belfast cousins threw bottles of piss at school children walking to Holy Cross; compared to that this is virtually timid.

It's such a pity that an area as beautiful as North Derry can be blighted by such Neanderthals as that which can be found in Coleraine.

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