Orange Order meaning of equality!

It appears that the Orange Order are annoyed at the decency of society again.

Following on from the protests over the removal of Unionist flags and emblems from Banbridge Council premises a while ago, the Sash Brigade are now protesting in Larne.

And what has ruffled the collars of the sashed brethren in Bible Belt Country? The fact that the council has refused to pay for red white and blue bunting to be erected in the town for the Twelfth celebrations.

Orangemen protested outside Larne Council offices on Monday night. How it must have brought the memories of parading up the hills of North Antrim brandishing firearms and their certificates with Paisley racing back.

A spokesman for the Billy Boys said that they were protesting at the failure of the council to treat them “equally”.

This will be very hard for anyone from a Nationalist background to comprehend. The Billy boys seek to argue that by not putting up bunting for a triumphilist out of date coat trailing exercise the Council are discriminating against the most sectarian organisation in the 6 counties. This is just absolute folly!

How many councils pay for tricolours to be erected for Easter Parades? Do republicans complain of discrimination over this inactivity? It appears that what the Billy Boys want is preferential treatment rather than equal treatment!

They are dying to wind back the clocks to when they got their way and it was to fuck with what local Nationalists felt. Luckily for society and decency these days are well and truly gone. The croppies lie down no more!

Furthermore the Billy Boys are falling over themselves to convince every half wit that these Kick-the -pope parades are community events, and that they are designed to be all inclusive and to cater for all sections of the community. They appear to have over looked the fact that only one side of the community can partake as Order members and that a surfeit and plethora of red, white and blue will effectively alienate one side of the community also.

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