He has done it again!

I wrote yesterday that Fraser would find it difficult to top his latest stunt, yet the little Harry Potter look-a-like has surpassed himself again!

Upon browsing Willies ‘victims’ website I was rather bemused to learn that Willie has compiled a list of “all republican terrorists and their associates in South Armagh”. By this, I take it Willie means Irish Republicans from the South Armagh area. This will be difficult considering that thousands of people in South Armagh vote Sinn Fein.

Willie trumpets that he is going to expose them. Just what exactly he is going to expose about them remains to be seen. Their republicanism perhaps? However the last time I checked this was not a crime!

Willie really is losing the run of himself here. He claims that the decent republican people of South Armagh were involved in some macabre ethnic cleansing exercise against the Protestant community in South Armagh.

Once again Willies selective amnesia has kicked in and he appears to have over looked the Glenanne Gangs reign of terror. Perhaps Willie should spend his time exposing these people to the world. After all many commentators have linked members of Willies family with this ruthless murder squad! However perhaps this is too much to expect of a man whose definition of victim is restricted to members of a Protestant pro-loyalist militia like the UDR or RUC!

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