Evidence points to cold blooded murder

It was no real surprise that it was reported by the media to-day that a bug had been uncovered at the home of murdered IRA volunteer Oglach Sean O Farrell. The bug was uncovered during renovation at the home near Coalisland.

This discovery removes any doubt that Oglach Sean O Farrell was murdered in cold blood by the SAS in Clonoe, acting it would seem on information gathered by surveillance via the bug and other devices.

Oglach Sean O Farrell joined the East Tyrone Brigade of Oglaigh na hEireann at 18 years of age. Within a short period of time Sean demonstrated his ferocity as a guerrilla soldier. He rose to become right hand man to Oglach Kevin Barry O Donnell, O/C of a ruthless IRA unit in East Tyrone. Under the guidance of these two remarkable young volunteers, this unit brought the war to the British military machine in East Tyrone.

In May 1991 Sean and Barry were arrested on arms charges. The charges were later dropped after the lads had spent a month on remand in Crumlin Road jail. Upon their release both volunteers resumed active service.

On the 16thn February 1992, the unit under O Donnells command launched a daring attack on Coalisland RUC Barracks. Following the attack the unit regrouped at Clonoe Chapel car park, where they began to dismantle the mounted machine gun used in the attack. When the weapon was finally dismantled concealed SAS men opened fire without warning on the unit. One volunteer was shot as he had his hands raised in the air. No attempt was made to intercept nor arrest the unit. The SAS engaged in their shoot-to-kill policy once again.

Four young volunteers were cut down in their prime that night. Oglach Kevin Barry O Donnell (21), Oglach Sean O Farrell(22), Oglach Paddy Vincent (20)and Oglach Peter Clancy(21). Following the discovery of the bug at O Farrells home, it is now irrefutable that the four were intentionally gunned down in cold blood by the SAS.

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