Coming to their senses!

I was relieved to learn that the judiciary has finally come to their senses in the handling of the case of death driver Christopher Mc Ginn.

Earlier this year Mc Ginn received a mere 4 year term, which he effectively only had to serve 2, in a YOC for the deaths of Gerard Fearon and Steven Shields on the Dublin Road.

This sentence was a joke and was rightly rejected by Peter Fearon as an insult to the families.

To-day the Court of Appeal quashed the “unduly lenient” sentence originally imposed on Mc Ginn, replacing it with a 7 year sentence.

Let me state quite clearly that whilst this is preferable to the original sentence, this sentence will still not diminish the hurt and anguish thrust upon the two families by Mc Ginns murderous irresponsibility that night.

Mc Ginns troll friends have invaded this medium on several occasions in some type of vain attempt to defend his actions. However they must now recognise that this scumbags actions are truly indefensible.

The Balrog team have long supported justice for the Fearon and Shields families and to-day marks a massive step forward. I have made my feelings on Mc Ginn quite clear on this medium, for this I make no apology. I have no time nor indeed inclination to indulge the sensitivities of a murdering scumbag or his associates. His associates demonstrate the mark of people they are by associating with a known anti-social element and continuing to defend him.

The deaths of Gerard Fearon and Steven Shields were no ordinary accident, despite what those close to Mc Ginn may seek to argue. Mc Ginn got into a car drunk, with no license and no insurance and drove without due care and attention down the middle of the Dublin Road. This damning litany of offences shows that this bears all the hall marks of death driving, not a mere tragic accident. Had Mc Ginn not killed two men that night he would no doubt still be death driving on the roads of South Armagh!

At least this scumbag will not be spending 2 years in a holiday camp/YOC as initially feared. He will be out in some years, yet two families have lost their loved ones forever. One must ask whether justice can ever be truly done. Mc Ginn will have to face his maker on judgement day and it is then that he will pay for his reprehensible deeds!

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