What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here.

I always seem to take a break from this blogging lark during the summer, there is always better things to be at when the sun is shinning. Work has been mental and so my time seems to be divided between working, sleeping, working and a bit of drinking thrown in for good sanity.

It doesn't really matter because the themes always stay the same.

I see that Coleraine has once again raised it head when it comes to vile sectarianism. I am referring to the abuse that two young Dublin teams faced at the Milk Cup.

The two teams had to be moved after their building was attacked by stones and their players and staff subjected to vile sectarian abuse from knuckle dragging dross.

Paul Hammond from Crumlin United said sectarian remarks were shouted.

"There were bottles, cans of beer, bricks and all sorts coming over towards the kids. The kids were terrified. Some of them are 14, others are 15,"

We shouldn't be surprised by this, attacking children has always been a hallmark of those sensible sons of Ulster. Let's not forget that their Belfast cousins threw bottles of piss at school children walking to Holy Cross; compared to that this is virtually timid.

It's such a pity that an area as beautiful as North Derry can be blighted by such Neanderthals as that which can be found in Coleraine.

Evidence points to cold blooded murder

It was no real surprise that it was reported by the media to-day that a bug had been uncovered at the home of murdered IRA volunteer Oglach Sean O Farrell. The bug was uncovered during renovation at the home near Coalisland.

This discovery removes any doubt that Oglach Sean O Farrell was murdered in cold blood by the SAS in Clonoe, acting it would seem on information gathered by surveillance via the bug and other devices.

Oglach Sean O Farrell joined the East Tyrone Brigade of Oglaigh na hEireann at 18 years of age. Within a short period of time Sean demonstrated his ferocity as a guerrilla soldier. He rose to become right hand man to Oglach Kevin Barry O Donnell, O/C of a ruthless IRA unit in East Tyrone. Under the guidance of these two remarkable young volunteers, this unit brought the war to the British military machine in East Tyrone.

In May 1991 Sean and Barry were arrested on arms charges. The charges were later dropped after the lads had spent a month on remand in Crumlin Road jail. Upon their release both volunteers resumed active service.

On the 16thn February 1992, the unit under O Donnells command launched a daring attack on Coalisland RUC Barracks. Following the attack the unit regrouped at Clonoe Chapel car park, where they began to dismantle the mounted machine gun used in the attack. When the weapon was finally dismantled concealed SAS men opened fire without warning on the unit. One volunteer was shot as he had his hands raised in the air. No attempt was made to intercept nor arrest the unit. The SAS engaged in their shoot-to-kill policy once again.

Four young volunteers were cut down in their prime that night. Oglach Kevin Barry O Donnell (21), Oglach Sean O Farrell(22), Oglach Paddy Vincent (20)and Oglach Peter Clancy(21). Following the discovery of the bug at O Farrells home, it is now irrefutable that the four were intentionally gunned down in cold blood by the SAS.


Coming to their senses!

I was relieved to learn that the judiciary has finally come to their senses in the handling of the case of death driver Christopher Mc Ginn.

Earlier this year Mc Ginn received a mere 4 year term, which he effectively only had to serve 2, in a YOC for the deaths of Gerard Fearon and Steven Shields on the Dublin Road.

This sentence was a joke and was rightly rejected by Peter Fearon as an insult to the families.

To-day the Court of Appeal quashed the “unduly lenient” sentence originally imposed on Mc Ginn, replacing it with a 7 year sentence.

Let me state quite clearly that whilst this is preferable to the original sentence, this sentence will still not diminish the hurt and anguish thrust upon the two families by Mc Ginns murderous irresponsibility that night.

Mc Ginns troll friends have invaded this medium on several occasions in some type of vain attempt to defend his actions. However they must now recognise that this scumbags actions are truly indefensible.

The Balrog team have long supported justice for the Fearon and Shields families and to-day marks a massive step forward. I have made my feelings on Mc Ginn quite clear on this medium, for this I make no apology. I have no time nor indeed inclination to indulge the sensitivities of a murdering scumbag or his associates. His associates demonstrate the mark of people they are by associating with a known anti-social element and continuing to defend him.

The deaths of Gerard Fearon and Steven Shields were no ordinary accident, despite what those close to Mc Ginn may seek to argue. Mc Ginn got into a car drunk, with no license and no insurance and drove without due care and attention down the middle of the Dublin Road. This damning litany of offences shows that this bears all the hall marks of death driving, not a mere tragic accident. Had Mc Ginn not killed two men that night he would no doubt still be death driving on the roads of South Armagh!

At least this scumbag will not be spending 2 years in a holiday camp/YOC as initially feared. He will be out in some years, yet two families have lost their loved ones forever. One must ask whether justice can ever be truly done. Mc Ginn will have to face his maker on judgement day and it is then that he will pay for his reprehensible deeds!


He has done it again!

I wrote yesterday that Fraser would find it difficult to top his latest stunt, yet the little Harry Potter look-a-like has surpassed himself again!

Upon browsing Willies ‘victims’ website I was rather bemused to learn that Willie has compiled a list of “all republican terrorists and their associates in South Armagh”. By this, I take it Willie means Irish Republicans from the South Armagh area. This will be difficult considering that thousands of people in South Armagh vote Sinn Fein.

Willie trumpets that he is going to expose them. Just what exactly he is going to expose about them remains to be seen. Their republicanism perhaps? However the last time I checked this was not a crime!

Willie really is losing the run of himself here. He claims that the decent republican people of South Armagh were involved in some macabre ethnic cleansing exercise against the Protestant community in South Armagh.

Once again Willies selective amnesia has kicked in and he appears to have over looked the Glenanne Gangs reign of terror. Perhaps Willie should spend his time exposing these people to the world. After all many commentators have linked members of Willies family with this ruthless murder squad! However perhaps this is too much to expect of a man whose definition of victim is restricted to members of a Protestant pro-loyalist militia like the UDR or RUC!


Orange Order meaning of equality!

It appears that the Orange Order are annoyed at the decency of society again.

Following on from the protests over the removal of Unionist flags and emblems from Banbridge Council premises a while ago, the Sash Brigade are now protesting in Larne.

And what has ruffled the collars of the sashed brethren in Bible Belt Country? The fact that the council has refused to pay for red white and blue bunting to be erected in the town for the Twelfth celebrations.

Orangemen protested outside Larne Council offices on Monday night. How it must have brought the memories of parading up the hills of North Antrim brandishing firearms and their certificates with Paisley racing back.

A spokesman for the Billy Boys said that they were protesting at the failure of the council to treat them “equally”.

This will be very hard for anyone from a Nationalist background to comprehend. The Billy boys seek to argue that by not putting up bunting for a triumphilist out of date coat trailing exercise the Council are discriminating against the most sectarian organisation in the 6 counties. This is just absolute folly!

How many councils pay for tricolours to be erected for Easter Parades? Do republicans complain of discrimination over this inactivity? It appears that what the Billy Boys want is preferential treatment rather than equal treatment!

They are dying to wind back the clocks to when they got their way and it was to fuck with what local Nationalists felt. Luckily for society and decency these days are well and truly gone. The croppies lie down no more!

Furthermore the Billy Boys are falling over themselves to convince every half wit that these Kick-the -pope parades are community events, and that they are designed to be all inclusive and to cater for all sections of the community. They appear to have over looked the fact that only one side of the community can partake as Order members and that a surfeit and plethora of red, white and blue will effectively alienate one side of the community also.

Hot Air!

I heard yesterday that UUP deputy leader Danny Kennedy has got himself excited about the name of Raymond Mc Creesh Park in Newry.

Seemingly Danny is not too chuffed that a play park in the city should be named after one of South Armagh’s most gallant sons. Personally I think it is a fitting tribute highlighting Raymond’s tenacity and commitment to the republican cause in painful and testing times. In the eyes of the vast majority of those from the city the naming of the park is a welcome recognition of the bravery of the hunger striker.

Danny has pledged his support for the formal complaint lodged by Newry District LOL No.9 to have the playpark renamed.

No doubt if he succeeds Danny will then have Mick Mallin Park and James Connolly Park, also in the city, firmly within his sight. Bizarrely Kennedy argues that the name should be changed as a matter of equality. He even claims the support of the Equality Commission for his crusade! This is strange in a city with a 98% Nationalist majority!

It has been muted that the move to change the name of the estate is being led by Unionists from the Altnaveigh area. These people are very clearly caught in a time warp, as manifest by such petty objections. Furthermore they also have very selective memories. They appear to have forgot that many of their Nationalist neighbours from the Newry area helped to repair Altnaveigh Orange Hall after it was damaged in a sectarian attack a number of years ago. Eaten cake is well and truly forgotten!

Furthermore Danny appears to have overlooked the names of other landmarks in the City. For example Bagenals Castle is named after one of the most ruthless butchers in local history, a man who massacred men, women and children. However there were no complaints about this sites name from Gregory.

SF councillor Pat Mc Ginn also noted the deadly silence of Kennedy and other unionist representative about loyalist flags erected at a mixed play area in Saval. SF councillor Charlie Casey commented further that unionists have not asked for other sites such as Needham Bridge to be renamed. If the rationale (if you can call it that) for objecting to the naming of Raymond Mc Creesh Park is engaged then surely these other places should be renamed!

This is no doubt another political stunt by Danny. It is merely pointless party politics and is raising tension in the area prior to the Twelfth. Danny appears to have no problem with republicans like Raymond Mc Creesh whenever they are ensuring that the Orange Parade in Newry is not attacked!

Its just a pity that Danny did not have the same decency as the courageous man he is trying to remove the honour of naming an estate after.