Willie wrong again!

It seems that wee Willie Wonka has got it wrong again, and admittedly I am not surprised.

Willie Wonka's accuracy and impartiality when it comes to reporting stories about republicans is simply non-existent. What is even worse is that he does not even try to hide it.

I read Willies drivel about the H-block martyrs on his website recently and to say that I was rather bemused at the crap he was peddling would be an extreme under statement.

Firstly Willie derides the reputation of legendary republican freedom fighter Francis Hughes. Willie referred to him as someone famed “not for courage… but for a fanatical disregard for human life including his own”. Willie then attempts to rewrite history by trying to erase and demean his contribution to the freedom struggle. This is rich coming from Willie, whose opinion is completely worthless. The lies and distorted half truths he peddles about a man he is not capable of even coming close to is just sick.

He tries in vain to portray Hughes as a coward preying on the weak. I’m sure Willies UDR chums might have a thing or two to say about this. For years Hughes and his unit tormented crown forces in the South Derry area. Indeed they even humbled the mighty SAS. Not so cowardly if you ask me! Willie then derides Hughes for claiming that he was Seamus Lafferty from Donegal whenever he was wounded and captured. Does Willie consider Capt. Robert Nervewreck a coward for claiming he was Danny Mc Erlean during interrogation by the Army?

History shows the calibre of soldier Hughes was. Nothing Willie writes or spews can change this. His revisionist take on events is somewhat comical if not macabre.

Hughes is not the only one subjected to Willies revisionism. He claims that Ray Mc Creesh was a weak individual, manipulated by the movement. Willie claims that Mc Creesh wanted to disembark from the strike but was forced to continue. He further claims that Ray was embarrassed for ‘abandoning’ Danny Mc Guinness during the operation they were arrested on.

However if Willie cared to collaborate with the people involved in the ambush he would see that this was not the case. Danny indeed was the best placed of the three volunteers when they fled, and was only arrested in a follow up operation the next day. Indeed his position was favourable to that of Ray and Paddy Quinn who were facing a shoot out scenario with enemy forces.

He claims that Ray was refused permission to embark on the 1980 hunger strike as he was too weak and indecisive. He claims that the movement knew he could not stomach such a painstaking and arduous death. This yet again is lies. Ray was a soldier of immense integrity and gallantry. Indeed it was government doctors that tried to get Ray to come of the strike, telling him he was in Scotland and that he could get help. Ray on his death bed was so disorientated that he believed that the 26 co forces were coming to recapture the 6 co’s. The song The South Winds by Christy Moore depicts this brilliantly.

Willie then tries to peddle the blatant lie that the movement callously let six men die for nothing. Willie regurgitates the lies peddled by Richard O Raw about the movement rejecting a deal before Joe Mc Donnell dying, only to accept a less favourable one a few months later. A Willie state that the hunger strike was called off after Owen Carron got elected as the continuance of the strike was a mere election stunt. This is sickening. Has Willie never heard of the five demands? Indeed it is a sad indictment of Richard O Rawe that even Willie can use the bull shit he is evincing to suit his anti-republican agenda!

All O Rawe's lies have already been challenged and exposed by Brendan Mc Farlane, a man of more integrity and honour than both Willie and Richard combined. I really can not fathom why O Rawe would seek to publish such a distorted and dishonest account of such a high profile period in republican history.

The current generation of young people looks upon the hunger strikers with an immense sense of pride and respect. Their names are enshrined with Irelands patriot dead, forever remembered in the country for which they sacrificed their lives. Throughout the mist of time the gallantry and selflessness they demonstrated will never be forgotten.

Can the same be said for Willie et al????????

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