The truth will out!

The truth about the unprovoked murder of young Aidan Mc Anespie is slowly beginning to be conceded by the establishment. The HET this week released a report laying lie to the pathetic and unconvincing attempt by the Brit Army to obfuscate the circumstances surrounding Aidan’s brutal murder.

Aidan Mc Anespie was gunned down in cold blood by the British Army as he walked through a checkpoint in the village of Aughnacloy on the 21st of February 1988. Aiden’s tragic murder was the culmination of months of harassment and degradation from crown forces. Harassment and intrusion were almost a daily routine to Aidan, indeed he had to vary his travelling routes in order to try and avoid the checkpoint.

On one particular occasion with sinister overtones, Aidan along with his mother was detained at the checkpoint. The Brits then proceeded to tell Aidan that they would ‘get him’ some day one way or another. Unfortunately the Brits did not renege on this callous threat.

From the moment the fatal shot was discharged the British establishment have waged a campaign of lies and cover up in an attempt to smear the name of Aidan Mc Anespie and deny his family the justice that they deserve. The truth is that he was an innocent Nationalist, a GAA enthusiast whose only crime was being Irish in his own country.

The version peddled by Guardsman David Holden, who fired the murderous shot, defied logic and within a short space of time it became apparent that this was yet another sorry case of the Brits trying to cover up their dirty deeds. Indeed the HET have admitted that Holden’s version is the least likely to be accurate.

He claimed that he moved the weapon by holding the pistol grip with what he described as a ‘loose grip’. He claimed that as he did so his finger slipped, inadvertently squeezing the trigger and discharging a live round.

The HET have this week conceded that, as everyone in the region knew, this was bare faced lies. Evidence has decimated the sorry self-serving lie evinced by Holden.

The HET carried out a test using a similar General Purpose Mounted Machine Gun and concluded that;

“Activating the trigger required having a firm grip on the pistol grip and squeezing the trigger until it activated. It was found to be difficult and required considerable force to activate the trigger without having the hand firmly gripped around the pistol grip”.

This flies in the face of the sorry excuse Holden used in court!

Furthermore the HET found that gun was mounted on a pivot. This enabled the gun to be swivelled, thus there was no need for Holden to have his hand on the pistol grip. There was no need for him to have his finger on the trigger guard either, as he only had to swivel the butt of the gun to reposition it.

Holden further perpetuated his lies by claiming that his hands were wet from cleaning the Sanger. He said this occurred about 10 minutes prior to the fatal shot being discharged. However following an analysis of the cleaning activities the HET discovered that the cleaning had been carried out by a cleaning party and that Holden resumed duty 30 minutes before he murdered Aidan. Holden’s lies just do not add up.

In a further indictment of the initial investigation, Lance Sergeant Peters gave evidence stating that upon re-entering the Sanger after shooting Mc Anespie, Holden when asked what happened, replied that he squeezed the trigger. Furthermore Holden was not interviewed until 24 hours after the murder and forensic investigations were not undertaking until the next day. This is opprobrious and demonstrates that the British Army had as much contempt for Aidan Mc Anespie as he lay dead as they had when he was living.

This latest admission is a massive boost for the Mc Anespie family as they continue their unstinting campaign to get justice for Aidan. The dignity with which this family has bore their loss is remarkable. However the family are aware that there is still a lot left to be divulged.

Aidan’s sister Eilish stated that
“This report vindicates our family and our long campaign for justice. Those in authority should at least have the decency to feel a sense of shame”.

Indeed it is a sad indictment on the British establishment that Aidan’s family concede that whilst they may never get justice for Aidan at least now they are beginning to get the truth about his murder.

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