Tip of the ice berg!!!!

I see that the Eames/Bradley body has called on the state to admit to their role in the conflict. Although a welcome development, it is merely the tip of the ice berg. Eames claimed that the state should admit that intelligence could have been handled better and possibly saved lives.

This is probably under statement of the century, and is merely a scratch on the surface of what is a murky underworld. The state played a much more active role in the conflict than merely being negligent in handling intelligence.

The cold blooded murders of Majella O Hare and Aiden Mc Anespie can not be attributed to faulty intelligence. Furthermore the state is up to its neck with murder. Loyalist proxy killer gangs were used as surrogate killers for the state as they waged a war of ethnic cleansing against the Nationalist and Republican community. Intelligence was merely one minor component of their murderous campaign!

This went much further than merely being negligent with intelligence. The case of Pat Finnucane illustrates this! He was murdered by guns brought into the country by state agents, his murder was planned by a state agent, the murder weapon provided by a state agent and the trigger was pulled by a state agent. This exposes the true extent of the states role in their dirty sordid little sectarian campaign.

If the state is to admit its role it must go whole hog and admit to the full extent it played. Any attempt to minimise their role or attribute it to rogue elements would prove futile. The truth must come out, no matter how murky a picture it paints of the state! Nationalists and Republicans know that the state waged a concerted sectarian murder campaign against them.

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