Sticking the boot in again!

I see that after the collapse of the Bik trial and the conclusion of the Mc Cartney trial that media hacks are falling over themselves to stick the boot into the republican movement!

Hugh Jordan, of Sunday Lie fame, in particular had a lot to say on the matter. In fact Hugh argued that this week it was a case of ‘
“IRA 2, Truth and justice 0”.

I really wonder where Hugh’s logic and rationale have gone when he comes out with such a statement!

Let’s just take a look at both trials.

In Biks' the judge ruled that statements allegedly made by Bik could not be submitted. Rightly so in my opinion. Has Hugh never heard of the creativity the Garda had as regards doctoring statements in the Murphy case and the Morris tribunal. In fact the list is endless, with Garda corruption being somewhat prevalent. Is Hugh seriously arguing that doctored statements and fabricated lies should be put forward at such a trial? That’s hardly in the interests of truth and justice. So contrary to what wee Hugh has to say it seems that this is definitely one for truth and justice.

In terms of the Mc Cartney trial, even Catherine Mc Cartney conceded that the judgement was correct when one viewed the nature of the evidence before the court. She went further to say that had she been a lay person sitting in the court she would not have convicted Terry Davison on the basis of the evidence before the court.

The evidence of the three main prosecution witnesses were contradictory and to a degree somewhat confusing. There was even a vital issue of the identification of the attacker and where the fatal wound was inflicted.

I am supportive of the Mc Cartney’s campaign. Their family has suffered greatly and no one should die in the circumstances that their brother did. This family deserves justice for their brother. However justice comes at a price and regard must be had for justice for the accused. Quite simply despite all the publicity and prominence there was not enough evidence to convict the accused. Thus the legal system has prevailed. I do not see how Hugh can consider this a victory for the IRA. Surely it is a victory for the rule of law and due process of the legal system?

Furthermore I see that the media are peddling the claim that republicans are obstructed the case. The Mc Cartney’s claim that the republican movement are responsible for the trial collapsing as they have failed to encourage witnesses to come forward.

If one examines empirical evidence it is categorical that this could not be further from the truth. Several senior SF figures have called for people with evidence to come forward. In fact several members were suspended whilst the party carried out an internal investigation. Furthermore the Army also encouraged witnesses to participate in the trial. Brendan Devine even admitted that the Army told him to tell the truth and to “do what you have to do”. This is hardly obstructing the trial and intimidating witnesses!

It is unfortunate that no one has been convicted for the brutal slaying of Robert Mc Cartney. This will only intensify the hurt felt by his family. However it is in no ones best interest to have people convicted on evidence that is not strong enough. This would be a case of gross injustice. This is hardly a legacy that the Mc Cartney's want for Robert.

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