Stick your sackcloth and ashes up your....

It's that time of the year again when the weird men in funny hats go marching, yes, it's Orange marching season.

A time when the Orange Protestant can once again try to lord it over his Catholic neighbour celebrating the victory of a foreign invader and the subjugation of the vast majority of Irish people.

Last week Gerry Adams held talks with Portadown Orangemen, much to the dismay of their brethren in the Orange leadership.

Gerry said he made it clear there was "no rationale for an Orange parade along the Garvaghy Road" and "urged them to involve themselves in a process of inclusive dialogue" with residents.

"We had an informative and useful discussion about Orangeism and its place in modern Ireland."

"For a number of years I have written to the Orange Order offering dialogue around the issue of contentious parades. Recently representatives of the Portadown Orange sought to meet with me,"

After today's Whiterock parade went off peacefully Grand Secretary Drew Nelson dipped his toe into the water and had this to say.

"As an organisation we had over 300 members murdered, If there is going to a fresh start in Northern Ireland, I think we have to hear those words of sorrow and regret from the leadership of Sinn Féin."

For starters, how many of those members were also members of the RUC, Crown Forces and Unionist death squads? The vast, vast majority and as such they were combatants hence no sorrow coming from this Republican.

If the Orange Order honestly believe that Republican's are going to don the sackcloth and ashes and ingratiate ourselves before one of the most bigoted old boys club in the world then they have another they coming.

For them to believe such a ridiculous position would even be probable suggests most of them are sniffing too much cocaine, provided at cut down rates by their friends in the UVF and UDA of course.

As an Irish Republican I will not be taking morality lessons from the Orange Order, I have higher standards than that!

I was delighted to see that the Orange Order was once again banned from going down Garvaghy Road next Sunday.

As a Republican I believe in Religious and civil liberty but with those rights come responsibility. I will never support Orangemen who seek to march through areas like the Garvaghy Road or the Lower Ormeau. They try to engage in acts of communal deterrence and attempt to keep the croppies down for one more year.

Any Orangeman who wishes and pushes to march down Garvaghy Road is a scumbag, it's that simple! There can be no reason for them wishing to march through that area except to intimidate and laud it over the Catholic residents of that area.

Some of my American readers may not be aware of the issue of parades here and it's really quite simple. It's like the KKK wishing to march through Harlem.

My response to Orangemen marching on the Garvaghy Road would be the exact same as the AOH parade which sought to go down the Shankill.

I hear the old man in Ballymena shout "tradition!" and I'm minded of the words of Mark Twain when he said "often, the less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it".

I have a few friends on the Garvaghy Road and they have a real fear that Sinn Féin, in the cause of negotiations, will seek to offer them up as meat to the DUP in exchange for Policing and Justice.

I was happy to inform them that such a thing would never happen. For as much as we need the transfer of policing and justice it could never, ever be justified upon the backs of people's indignity and humiliation.

The people of the Garvaghy Road are worth more than that, something I'm sure the leadership of Sinn Féin are well aware of!

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