Armagh put manners on Down

Yesterday was a great day to be an Armagh man as we beat Down in the Ulster Semi-Final. The rivalry between Down and Armagh is one of the worst in GAA, as bad as Dublin and Meath.

From my own point of view I always maintain that those of us who went to school in Newry with our Down cousins are always the worst for the slagging. After almost seven years of listening to Down people slabber about their All-Ireland's we got our first in 2002.

Last week in work was serious for the slagging, had Armagh lost I would probably have had to quit. When I return to work tomorrow there are going to be a lot of Down people very quiet and light of a few pound.

All week long I heard of the great Benny Coulter and while a nice lad personally it was a great joy to watch Ciarán McKeever put manners on him. The return of the mighty Francie Bellew brought great joy to Orangemen in Clones yesterday and it was Francie's quick thinking which set up young Kernan for the goal.

With the Down jerseys back in the wardrobe for a wee while I would like to look towards our 7th Ulster final in 1o years and think about Fermanagh. They a rare breed in so far as this is their first Ulster final since 1982 and they are the only county in Ulster to have never won the Anglo-Celt cup.

While I will be supporting Armagh come Ulster Final day I wouldn't be too unhappy to see Fermanagh win their first ever Ulster Championship.

For the neutrals and purists that would be the ideal outcome, the only problem they face is thus.

Francie Bellew and Co don't read romantic novels, they break hearts!

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