Lá Bealtaine maith duit

I would like to wish all Balrog readers a happy May Day. A day when we celebrate the work of Labour and workers in general.

The origins of May Day however have their roots in Celtic culture with the festival of Lá Bealtaine. It was the herald of the summer months and Bealtaine and Samhain were the two main festivals in civil Irish life.

These festivals occurred in most Celtic countries like Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man etc.

I sometimes wonder is that why the Catholic Church choose May the 1st to be "Mary's day", a day in which to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Church was quite good at taking pagan festivals and changing them to a Catholic feast day.

That aside modern May Day is a celebration of the Labour movement.

When you think of socialism in this country you have to look at men like James Connolly and Jim Larkin, the fathers of Irish Socialism.

Ní uasal aon uasal ach sinne bheith íseal: Éirímis.

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