IRA cleared of Paul Quinn murder

I see the latest IMC report has been produced and no doubt the SDLP and the criminal elements in South Armagh who have been conspiring against Sinn Féin will have had their hands slapped.

There is no evidence of IRA involvement in the murder of Paul Quinn, something we have been saying since day one.

Now before we start I place no authority in the IMC, I use this report because Dominic Bradley told us that the IMC assured him that the IRA was involved.

“it became clear from the gardaí, the PSNI and the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) that what the family had told me was the truth — the IRA was involved in Paul’s murder.”

Wrong Dominic!

I will produce the IMC report in full in relation to Paul Quinn here


4.1 Paul Quinn, a young resident of Cullyhanna, County Armagh, was beaten to death on 20 October 2007 in County Monaghan. In addition to the tragic loss of life and the grief it has caused for Paul Quinn’s family the killing has given rise to speculation about the part which PIRA may or may not have played. It is because of this that we think it is right to comment at some length. We must emphasise however that we are constrained in what we can say about the incident lest we might possibly prejudice future legal proceedings

4.2 Within these constraints, our assessment of the incident is as follows:

- We think that the attack on Paul Quinn was planned and carried out by local people and that it arose from local disputes. Whatever the immediate reason for the killing certain aspects of these disputes go back some time and were not unconnected with continuing illegal activity;

So, Paul's murder was as a result of local disputes and not unconnected with continuing illegal activity?

Is this not what Sinn Féin and others have been saying since day one of this tragic and brutal murder?

Gerry Adams said the following “it is fairly obvious to me that this is linked to fuel smuggling and to criminal activity"

- A number of people were involved in the incident although they did not all necessarily play a part in the actual killing. Amongst those involved were people who had in various ways been associated with the PIRA at a local level, including as members of the organisation. Some of these people were accustomed over a substantial period of time to exercising considerable local influence, collectively and individually. This would have led such people to expect what they would consider as appropriate respect from others and to being able to undertake their activities – including criminal ones – without interference; they would find it very difficult to accept any waning in this influence and respect;

Note the key difference here which many people fail to grasp. "Had in various ways been associated with the PIRA at local level".

"Had" is past, not present!

I can think of one very prominent criminal gang in the Crossmaglen area who were once associated with the IRA, this same criminal gang were responsible for the murder of Oglach Keith Rodgers.

- The killing was clearly contrary to the instructions and strategy of the leadership of PIRA. It was also contrary to the interests of PIRA and to those of Sinn Féin. We are aware of no evidence linking the leadership of PIRA to the incident. In public statements and in debates in the Dáil and the Northern Ireland Assembly senior members of Sinn Féin have condemned the killing and have called on people to give any information they have to AGS and the PSNI.

4.3 In Section 3 above we do not attribute the killing to PIRA

This is crystal clear, the killing of Paul Quinn can't be attributed to the IRA.

This is for several reasons:

the local and personal nature of its roots; the absence of indications
either of organisational sanction or that it was in the interests of PIRA; and because it was contrary to the declared policy which PIRA has been following for over two years. We are reinforced in this view by the subsequent public remarks to which we refer above. The fact that some local members or former members or associates of the organisation were involved in the incident does not in our view justify attributing it to PIRA. In reaching this conclusion we are applying the standards we have consistently followed in respect of all kinds of paramilitary incidents, and to which we have referred in the past.

The same old mantra! Members or former members or associates, in effect anyone in South Armagh!

4.4 We recognise that the involvement of local members or former members or associates of the organisation in the way we have described is bound to raise questions about the level of control exercised by the leadership of PIRA. The PIRA leadership has had some difficulties in the past in exercising authority in South Armagh. Looking more widely in Ireland North and South we do not find evidence to suggest that this recent rejection of instructions is a general problem.

4.5 We wish to express our sympathy for the family and friends of Paul Quinn and our admiration for the courage they have shown in the face of this tragedy. We also applaud the way in which they have publicly opposed any suggestion of retaliation and have called on people to give any information to the police so that due process may be followed and justice may be done.

So there we have it, no evidence whatsoever of IRA involvement in the murder of Paul Quinn.

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