Earth to Willie!!!!!!

It seems that wee Willie Wonka has once again taken leave of his senses. He now claims that Glenanne Gang member and sectarian murderer James Mitchell was innocent!

According to Frazer

"he was a police officer and probably did know individuals who did get caught up and get involved in certain things but we checked into his background and while I'm not saying we know everything about him- we don't- I know a lot of allegations against him were disproved."

Willie then refers to him as "a decent man". I'm sure the families of his victims would disagree with wee Willie on this one!

It is apparent that Willie failed to contact Henry Barron when he conducted his study on Mitchell. Barron named Mitchell as being implicated in The Dublin and Monaghan bombings. His farm played "a significant part in the preparations for the attacks".

It has long been accepted in South Armagh that Mitchell was part of the Glenanne Gang. His farm along with Newtown RUC Barracks was the vocal point of a sectarian murder campaign waged by UVF/RUC members against the Nationalist community in South Armagh and beyond.

It comes as no surprise that wee Willie is seeking to defend a reprehensible individual like Mitchell. However as with most things Willie Wonka says, I'm sure most people will discount it as pure fantasy!!!

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