Brian Keenan: 1941-2008

I was in Belfast yesterday morning at Brian Keenan's funeral. I think funeral is the correct word to use even though there was no religious dimension to the proceedings.

Thousands of Republican's from across Ireland descended on the New Barnsley estate in order to bid farewell to a dear departed friend and comrade. Brian's wishes were carried out to the last, he wanted a celebration of his life and that is exactly what he received.

I have never heard Gerry Adam's speak as well as he spoke yesterday, Brian would have been proud.

I'm not sure if Brian knew just how well respected and liked he was within the Republican family, to describe him as a living legend would not have been an exaggeration.

Our struggle is now without one of her most loyal son's, though if we stick to the ideals of Brian we will continue to honour him and what he stood for.

Republicanism, Socialism and Freedom!

They were Brian's Holy Trinity

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