Without remorse!

I wasn't surprised to learn that death driver Christopher McGinn's "remorse" in court was merely a tactic but I was surprised at his utter stupidity.

It seems that this young boy racer has left a message on his bebo page which states

"I'll be back and I'm not changing"

His bebo profile also contains a "joyriders' prayer" including the lines: "Lead us not into checkpoints but deliver us from traffic branch and speed traps."

Is that what Justice Hart believes to be remorse?

Mrs Shields said she had seen McGinn's Bebo profile and was outraged at what he had written there.

"He's just adding insult to injury, still letting people know that he's a mad boy racer - for that to still be on the site on the day he was sentenced is unbelievable,"

Stephen Shields' brother-in-law Ciaran Burns said he had "never known such a level of depravity".

"I honestly believe it was two fingers to both our families, to the police, the prosecution and the judge, and it was certainly his parting shot,"

It's very clear to me that justice is missing from this case, as it is from so many other cases. With that in mind and with what appears to be the utter incompetence of many members of the Judiciary I favour a new approach.

When we have devolved criminal justice powers I would like to see every member of the judiciary stood down and have them all re-apply for their jobs.

Let's look at their record and decide if they are fit to judge people and deliver justice in our society.

In my own opinion they are an absolute disgrace with a severe detachment from the community they are supposed to serve.

The law should serve justice, not the other way about!

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