Take it down from the mast...

I see that the Chairman of Limerick County Council has called on the Government to introduce an education campaign to inform people about the display of the national flag.

Kevin Sheahan said: "It is especially disheartening to see the national flag touching the ground, trailing in water or becoming entangled in trees or other obstacles."

He called for the Government to develop a media campaign "aimed at educating Irish citizens about the guidelines and the importance of respecting the national flag".

I fully support this call from Mr Sheahan.

I support the right of every Irish person to fly the national flag, though I do believe that it should be flown with dignity.

I personally don’t support the American approach when it comes to flags as I believe being a good citizen amounts to more than just putting up a flag.

It means helping your fellow Irishman and woman in ensuring that all the children of the nation are cherished equally.

For me that means campaigning for an inclusive Education and Health care system, free at the point of delivery. It’s about stopping the gross profiteering in our building sector.

In short I believe in an active form of citizenship.

I am the first to admit that many Republicans have not shown the national flag the proper dignity. I don’t support people who hoist the national flag on the top of a lamppost and leave it there to rot.

In South Armagh we have a national flag on top of a flag pole in every village and the Republican movement provides the upkeep.

I have always had a dislike towards people who wrap the national flag around their waist on St Patrick’s Day. In my opinion it is not showing the proper respect for the flag.

Though it has to be said that the British do things to the Butchers apron which defies belief.

Anyone who wears their national flag as boxers has serious issues. How in the name of god can you respect a nation who wraps their flag around their arse?

The national flag is, I believe, something we can all place our allegiance towards. It’s a revolutionary flag which embodies the very notion of equality.

Let’s show it the respect it deserves!

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