So much for the age of innocence

I was going to post on this case when it was first reported but because the would be rapist had still not entered a plea I decided to keep my powder dry.

I am of course referring to the situation whereby a 14 year old has pled guilty to the attempted rape of a girl in North Belfast two years ago. His co-accused, only 15, pled guilty to indecent assault.

This is becoming an all too common occurrence, young teens engaging in this kind of sick and violent behaviour. Some people will point to the sexualisation of our society and the loss of innocence, that argument is horse shit in my opinion!

Rape is not about sex; it's about violence, domination and control.

I can't imagine what goes through any mans head when he rapes a woman, never mind a 14 year olds.

Has our society become that repugnant that this now seems like a common action? Has our legal system of passive resistance led to this kind of gendered violence and depravity?

When you consider that the Bill of Rights forum wish to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18 it really makes you wonder what planet some people live on.

Parental responsibility is the issue here; parents have abdicated their responsibility in favour of child minders. They are so consumed with keeping up with the Jones's that their children have become lost in the equation.

I really do despair for the youth of tomorrow when you consider the youth of today.

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