Same old nonsense!

It seems that the securocrats, with the aid of a compliant media, have taken up the crudgels again to try and attack the integrity of SF president Gerry Adams and by extension of this the entire republican movement.

It seems that they have been falling over themselves to stick the boot into Adams over one issue or another.

Firstly and most distastefully they tried to attribute blame for the callous murder of ex-POW and life long republican Bap Mc Greevy to El Presidente.

This is absurd.

These securocrats are attacking Adams in an attempt to mask their own short comings in providing acceptable policing to areas like West Belfast. The same old shite was peddled in the Sunday World, but anyone on the ground in the area will tell you that talk of dissent is nonsense. These people have never set foot in West Belfast never mind spoke to people on the ground!

Secondly they are now trying to undermine the position of Adams within the movement. Following the outing of the traitor Roy Mc Shane (who was driver for Adams for a brief period, but in all reality despite what the media tell you, was merely a bit part player) they have tried to accuse almost everyone associated with Adams of being an informer.

The goal of this is obviously to have the grass roots support base cast doubt on Adams, yet this will never happen. Most recently two prominent community activists and ex-POW's Jim Mc Carthy and Chico Hamilton have been accused by faceless securocrats of being informers.
Both men have come forward to categorically deny these claims. Indeed they too have been associated with Adams, so the aim behind the rumours is once more to cast doubt on Adams.

May I remind readers that the claims against both these men were originally made by the tout Martin Mc Gartland! This is how ludicrous the whole fucking thing is! A paid perjurer accuses the two men he claims abducted him were touts. As Mc Gartland is a tout, I like anyone else with an iota of intelligence, do not believe a word this scumbag says. How dare he try to tarnish others for his own claim to fame! It is obviously that he is still kow-towing to his pay masters agenda (even if they are withholding payments!lol)

The attacks on Adams are clearly designed to destabilise the republican movement, at a time when they have remained united and strong throughout several difficult stages of late. One can not help but wonder if the whole situation is being manufactured by the securocrats to deflect away from the internal machinations and power struggles between the various cabals within the DUP.

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