Red Army march on Moscow

It was a great night and a great goal from the fantastic Paul Scholes. I don't think I have any nails left and I must have smoked 20 B&H tonight as I watched Man Utd dispatch Barcelona.

I am overjoyed for Scholes, a United legend for many years, as he and Roy Keane missed our last final in 1999. This time he will be able to savour the moment himself.

I always watch Manchester United matches on RTÉ because the three bitches are hilarious to watch. I am of course talking about Brady, Giles and Dunphy. A sad mix of washed up, bitter and jealous old men.

Dunphy is visceral in his hatred for United, a sad reflection on a sad human being. I sometimes wonder if he's pissed most of the time.

It was great to watch him squirm at half-time and full-time, Bill O'Herlihy knows which buttons to press in order to set him off.

Our opponents will be chosen tomorrow night and I for one am praying for Liverpool. It's nothing to do with fearing Chelsea as I believe we are capable of beating either of them.

I want Liverpool because our victory will be all the sweeter with their scalp as well.

The Red Army marches on!

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