The mind boggles!

It was with equal measures of horror and humour that I read a story in last weeks Irish News about the plot by primary school children to kill their teacher.

Pupils between the ages of 8-10 plotted the teacher's death at a school in South Georgia, USA. The school caters for children with special needs such as ADDO and hyper activity.

It seems that the pupils planned to knock the teacher out with a paper weight, bind her hands together and then stab her with a letter opener. The level of precision that went into the planned murder is frightening to say the least. The pupils had designated each other roles of covering the windows to make sure no one could see in and of cleaning up the evidence after the murder. This is what 8 year olds had planned to do!

The plot was only foiled after one pupil alerted staff that a little girl had brought a weapon into school. And what did the teacher do to merit the death sentence? She told a pupil off for standing on a chair!!!! This is outrageous and shows the depths that society has now descended to. In my day I would probably have cried had the teacher told me off never mind try and kill her!

Surely the parents must shoulder some of the blame? How can I child contrive such a ruthless plot in this fashion? Surely it must be due, in part at least, to how they were reared by their parents? I know they may have problems but that is no excuse. I know several children with similar problems and they would never dream of such a cold and calculated plot. These children must be devoid of morals!

We are all aware of America's problems with gun violence in schools but this is a new low. Surely action must be taken now to prevent a repeat of this opprobrium.

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