An Irish session

I've been hit by what I believe to be a kidney infection so instead of my usual Friday night drinking I'm stuck in the house. How in the name of god do people sit in on a Friday night?

Pat Kenny and the Late Late Show I hear the grannies roar, I'd rather saw off both my hands!

Instead I'm checking through Youtube and I began to think about the Irish tradition of singing and the session.

As soon as the bar stops serving and the band stops playing there is always some bloke in the corner who starts the session.

I think we Irish are unique in many ways but one thing that always sticks out for me is our music. When we have a few drinks we always revert back to the old Irish songs about misery, despair, injustice etc

I was at a Basque cultural evening recently with a group from the Basque country and their music is quite different, uplifting and dramatic.

Some of my friends prefer the more recent "I, I, IRA" type of rebel ballad and while not averse to those kinds of ballads I have to admit that my taste tends to revert back to the more traditional rebel ballad, Kinky Boots and other classics aside.

I don't tend to listen to Irish Rebel songs unless I am at an Irish night or unless I am drunk, they are never quite the same when you are sober for some reason.

My own personal favourites are the Ballad of James Connolly, The Foggy Dew, Only Our Rivers Run Free, The Time Has Come, Boolavogue, Man from the Daily Mail and Irish Ways and Irish Laws.

It was one of the things I missed when I was in England, the traditional Irish session at those ungodly hours.

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