The Holy Goalie causes a stir

I see that Celtic Keeper Artur Boruc has caused a bit of a stir amongst the chattering class because of his celebrations at the Old Firm match.

After Celtic beat Rangers 3-2 Boruc took off his jersey and revealed a t-shirt of Pope John Paul II with the message of "God Bless the Pope".

Needless to say Rangers fans were none to pleased with this and neither was Danny Kennedy.

According to Kennedy

“The player should be ashamed of himself and the manager should reflect on his inability to condemn it and to deal with it properly."

This is not the first time that Boruc has courted controversy as he was once cautioned by the police for the heinous crime of "Blessing himself".

At the time the Catholic Church hit out along with Nationalist MSP and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who said

"The procurator fiscal has taken leave of their senses. I will be demanding an explanation for this,"

Artur Boruc is a devout Polish Catholic, and he blesses himself at the start of every match and at the start of the second half. He has always done this; it's not something that he developed when he began to play with Celtic.

I can't see how Boruc blessing himself is a problem; it's something that many Catholics do on a very regular basis. I always blessed myself before every exam, in fact I do it on a daily basis.

It doesn't matter if it's an ambulance/fire engine passing or just walking past a Catholic Church, I bless myself.

I have no doubt that Boruc wore the Pope t-shirt in order to piss off Rangers fans and I can't say that I blame him. As a very devout Catholic he has come in for some serious abuse from Rangers fans and players alike.

It was childish but hell rub it up them!

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