Harris blames Blogs!

During the Bertie Ahern media saturation yesterday the most comical part for me was the role of Supreme Stickie Eoghan Harris.

Harris was everywhere, on all the mediums, all day long! Linking Bertie to Parnell and telling us how he was grieving at the loss of this great leader.

Out of all the daft things that Harris said yesterday, and its Harris we are talking about so there was a lot, the funniest was his suggestion that "blogs" had a hand in Bertie's downfall. He said this on the Last Word on Today FM.

I was searching for the exact words and found them on Mamam Poulet's blog.

Matt Cooper - How do you feel about this?
Harris - I feel sick, I’m going through the death thing, denial first and then anger. I think the public is going to go through the same series of shocks. There’s going to be a lot of grief about Bertie Ahern.

A few days ago when I spoke about him here there was an extraordinary amount of vitriolic texts and this has been par for the course across the media.

I don’t know whether put in by Fine Gael or a group of sour heads in Sinn Fein.

There’s a virulent group of people out there helping this campaign, especially on the internet, the blogs reached an incredible level of abuse in the last ten to fifteen days, and I mean really bad stuff.

This man is nuts!

I have no doubt the Bloglaigh Na hÉireann played a part by raising the issue but to link us with his downfall is an accolade we don't deserve.

The link that I find even more curious is the link with Harris himself. Every person that Harris has "advised" or supported has fallen by the wayside.

The Worker's Party, John Bruton, David Trimble and now Bertie Ahern.

With friends like Harris who needs enemies!

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