Good for nothing!

That is the only words to describe Sunday World aka Sunday Lie 'columnist' Hugh Jordan.

It seems that Hugh has taken issue with the exclusive AP/RN interviews with legendary republican icon Brian Keenan.

Hugh has accused Brian of trying to re-write history as well as some other very personal attacks on the republican colossus. This is rich coming from someone who writes for a rag that only last week was fined in court for ‘slipshod’ reporting and contempt!

Brian Keenan is well placed to give his perspective on history. Hugh on the other hand is not. Where was Hugh when the war was on? Where was Hugh when Nationalists were left high and dry by the so called forces of law and order? Certainly not on the front line like honourable soldiers like Keenan were!

The attacks are all the more despicable and cowardly when one considers Brian's ailing health. This is the type of thing that gutter journalists like Hugh thrive on. This is a man after all whose only claim to fame is writing about loyalist paramilitary godfathers in one of the most ridiculed papers on the circuit.

One thing is for sure, people have a lot more respect for Keenan than the ever will for Hugh. Will Hugh's name be remembered in years to come? I think not! It would be best all round if Hugh stuck to writing fantastical stories about loyalist godfathers and lay off true heroes like Keenan!

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