Cosy Bedfellows

I see that the Stoops and FF had a grand bash at the Carrickdale yesterday. They were having a spot of breakfast in their now official capacity as ‘friends‘. In reality it is more of a master/minion relationship with FF the supreme masters.

Now this new friendship could raise a few eyebrows. The Stoops have always tried to portray themselves as the party of moral reckoning, the absolute authority on all things just. Indeed they have often been quick to dismiss republicans as criminals and gangsters.

Interesting this, saying as how they are now cosying up to the most corrupt party in the history of Irish politics. Haughey, Bertie et al are hardly an apt authority on morality. The Stoops have now aligned themselves with political gangsters and prostitutes. I suppose this is a curious new friendship, an amalgam of cute whores, corrupt bastards and career politicians.

I suppose the Stoops don’t really have much left to lose. Maybe the new proclaimed ‘friendship’ is their strategy for preventing their ‘friends’ from contesting elections in the 6 counties. Indeed such a move would signal the end of the near death Stoops.

Both parties to the friendship have been quick to quash talk of a merger. Does anyone honestly think Mark and his cabal of career politicians would abdicate control to Biffo et al? Not a fucking chance!

Maybe the Stoops should have thought about their friendship a little harder before shouting it from the roof tops. How are FG and Labour going to feel when they are canvassing for the Stoops in the 6 co’s now? Indeed the Stoops should look at some of FF’s other friends. One of their PD friends is rapidly turning the 26 co health service (if you can call it that) into an unholy mess.

But part of me is glad for the Stoops. They have no friends left in the 6 co’s but at least now they have found a nice friend that they can grow old and retire with. The Stoops and FF, they go together like peas and carrots!

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