Zero tolerance needed

I was sad and angered to learn that 51 year old Frank McGreevy, an ex-prisoner, has died following his brutal beating by anti-social elements of West Belfast.

What makes this murder even harder to take is the complete inaction of the PSNI and the fact that had they completed their duties this might never have happened.

Thomas Valliday, a 20 year old criminal at large, handed himself over to Police at Grosvenor Road station.

This criminal failed to return to Hydebank Wood young offenders centre in south Belfast on February 29. Yet when the PSNI were contacted a number of times about his whereabouts they failed to act.

The Prison Service and the PSNI bear at least some responsibility for this mans murder.

It's a disgrace that these anti-social elements are allowed to roam free in order to terrorise local communities.

A zero tolerance approach needs to be adopted with these people and it yet again shows the need for the devolution of policing and justice.

I feel for Mr McGreevy's family, the animals that did this were not fit to lick his boots.

Something has to give and action needs to be taken by the PSNI and other agencies before the community decides that enough is enough and takes the law into their own hands.

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