What God has joined together

I see that the Bishop of Killaloe, Dr Willie Walsh, has claimed that the institution of marriage is under threat from a celebrity culture that does not promote the idea of a life-long union.

“There is the expectation that life should be a continuous stream of happiness, an expectation fed by the media and in magazines."

“But people have to realise that any marriage is going to have its ups and downs.

The happiest marriages that I have knowledge of are those where people go through days of happiness and days of pain and come out the other side.”

I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said "The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life"

I have strong beliefs in relation to the institution of marriage, some of which I have made very clear on this blog before.

I personally don't believe in pre-nuptial agreements and I also don't believe in Divorce, though I do believe it should be legal to get a divorce.

My mother and father have been separated for 8 years this year, on Valentines Day no less. Who said life was without its delicious irony.

I firmly believe that my parents are better off apart, they are better parents and better people.

That said I would be a liar if I said that I don't look upon others who seem to have the nuclear family nexus and envy that stability and continuity.

When ever I do get that fleeting sense of nostalgia I quickly realise that not everything is as it may appear. I know of at least a dozen sham marriages where both partners live very separate lives.

You also have the hypocrisy of people who detest one another yet for the sake of appearance stay together less the neighbours talk.

I believe that marriage should be for life and in that respect I agree with the Bishop however there are situations where the children and indeed the parents are better off if the parents don't live together.

It's a very difficult issue but I personally don't believe that priests, who will never marry, are necessarily the best people to offer an insight on this issue.

Marriage is the union of man and woman under god, many who wish to enter that institution would do well to remember that.

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