Venezuela and Ecuador mobilise against Colombia

South America was bracing itself last night as tensions between Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia intensified.

Following Colombia's execution of Raul Reyes, a member of the general secretariat of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador sent troops to their respective with Colombia.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador called Colombia's action a violation of Ecuador's sovereignty. He expelled Colombia's ambassador and withdrew his ambassador from Bogotá.

President Correa told reporters in Quito that Uribe told him the raid occurred after a FARC column fled across the border and fired at Colombian forces, who "had to defend themselves."

President Correa said his forces investigated Uribe's claims and discovered that the Colombian planes attacked the guerrillas as they slept in a camp 2 km inside Ecuador.

"Of course Ecuadoran air space was invaded," he said.

He said Colombian ground forces then crossed into Ecuador and retrieved Reyes' body, leaving the others.

"We will not permit this outrage, either President Uribe was misinformed and will have to sanction his commanders who deceived him, breaking every international bilateral proceeding by entering our territory or Uribe simply lied. In either case, the situation is extremely grave and the Ecuadoran government is disposed to go to the ultimate consequences."

"This was a massacre ... We will not allow this to go unpunished

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela expelled Colombia's ambassador and withdrew his ambassador from Bogotá. He then mobilised tank units and fighter jets and sent ten battalions to the border with Colombia .

He has vowed to support Ecuador till the end and said "May God spare us a war. But we are not going to allow them to violate our sovereign territory,"

This was an illegal incursion by American puppet Colombia, Ecuador has every right to seek retribution and I am glad to see that Venezuela is standing by its ally.

Colombia needs to understand that this type of territorial assault may go down well in Washington but amongst their neighbours it will be viewed as a declaration of intent.

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