Squinter Article

I see that there has been an intense debate around Squinter's article in the Andersonstown News.

While Squinter's articles are normally worthy of debate this one has been so heated because of the nature of his article.

Squinter launches a blistering attack on Gerry Adams for the state of West Belfast and for the conditions that lead to the murder of Bap McGreevy.

He doesn't pull any punches in his article; some would suggest that now is not a time for doing that.

I must say for my own part that I was surprised by the article; I was surprised by the hyper-critical nature of the article and the implication that Gerry has some blame to shoulder in relation to the murder of Bap.

That said I don't live in Belfast, I don't know the conditions that these people are living under. I have however spoken to people who are from the West, people who have lost loved ones in service of the Republican Movement.

They tell me that this article will resonate with a lot of people in West Belfast.

There are simple facts at play in all of this; Gerry Adams has been the MP for many years. We have 5 out of the 6 MLA's and 5 out of the 5 councillors in the lower falls.

How have we improved the lives of the ordinary people in the area?

The simple fact, as I see it anyway, is that Sinn Féin and Gerry Adams have taken their eye off the ball in West Belfast. Republicans who were loyal to the Movement are now left alone, isolated and at the mercy of hoods and criminals.

What has our support for policing done to improve the lives and safety of people in West Belfast?

It hasn't! They are more isolated and alone than ever!

To say that the PSNI are as useful as tits on a bull would be putting it mildly!

Sinn Féin needs to get their finger out of their arse and their nose out of the DUP's and start looking at our communities.

At the rally outside Bap McGreevy's house the other night, where was Gerry Adams? Where were all our elected reps and all of our members and supporters?

People in the area are crying out for leadership and we are not doing enough, it's that simple!

The PSNI has failed the people of West Belfast as they have failed many other areas in the 6 counties. Republicans should be taking the lead in West Belfast; Gerry Adams should be making a call to the Republican heartland and asking people to support us.

Hundreds of Republicans should be on the streets of West Belfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Every night of the week if needed.

As soon as hoods are seen engaging in anti-social behaviour they should be marched home and their parent's told straight, "sort him out or else we are going to get you evicted. You are not going to ruin our neighbourhood".

All of the statutory organisations should be involved and the PSNI should be told that they are welcome to come and help, thus far they have been more than useless.

The murder of Harry Holland and Bap McGreevy should never have happened.

Its high time Sinn Féin got down to the job and stopped shooting the messenger, enough is enough!

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