Bill of Rights

I see that the proposed Bill of Rights for the 6 counties has caused a stir. The DUP is to boycott the launch saying the report gave "more rights to trees than unborn children".

A representative of the Catholic Church will also not be in attendance after his proposal on the rights of the unborn was not adopted.

The report has been compiled by the Bill of Rights Forum which was established following commitments made within the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews Agreement in October 2006.

I have mixed feelings on this report.

I too am annoyed that greater emphasis was not given to the unborn and the right to life. My biggest problem will the report though is the suggestion that the age of criminal responsibility will be raised to 18.

That is absolute madness!

At a time when communities are crying out for protection from anti-social and criminal activity this proposal shows just how detached from reality some people are.

I only hope that sense will overcome political correctness because if this proposal was made law it would be a disaster.

Only time will tell

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