Beware the ides of March Bertie!

I see that Louth FF Councillor Tommy Murphy has called for Bertie Ahern to resign, insisting that the public no longer trust him following revelations at the Mahon Tribunal.

The latest revelation relates to the lodgement of £15,500 sterling into Bertie Ahern's building society account.

Ahern's former constituency secretary, Gráinne Carruth, told the Mahon tribunal she now accepted "as a matter of probability" that she had lodged sterling cash he gave her to his Irish Permanent Building Society account in Drumcondra in 1994.

The lodgements, totalling £15,500 sterling, were made three times over an eight-month period and included lodgements to the accounts of Mr Ahern's two daughters in the same branch.

This all occurred while Ahern was the Minister for Finance.

The problems arise because in February Ahern told the Tribunal that the lodgements to his and his daughters' accounts came from his salary as a politician.

That wasn't the case!

She said yesterday while she used to take instructions orally from Mr Ahern when making lodgements for him, it was her practice to always bring back receipts from transactions and give them to him.

Ahern insisted at the tribunal last month that he had no records relating to the transactions other than records of his salary.

What is obvious in all of this and from opinion polls is that more and more people are not satisfied with being lied to by the Taoiseach.

That said there are still a great many Fianna Fáil voters who are more than willing to be duped along with members of the Fianna Fáil party.

Niccolo Machiavelli once said that "One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived."

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