The tide turns..or does it?

Super Tuesday ended up being an almost dead heat between Barack Obama and Hillary "I am responsible for the Peace Process" Clinton. Obama won more states than Clinton but she won the big states like California and New York.

Last weekend saw Obama take a clean sweep in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and Maine. Tonight sees the "Potomac Primaries" in Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia. Obama is expected to win all three primaries tonight.

Obama is now ahead of Clinton in terms of pledged delegates and only lags behind a short distance because of her Super Delegates. What is clear however is that the momentum is now with Obama, he is raising more money than her, his press is more favourable and he is slowly but surely attacking her key demographics.

Central to Clinton's success thus far has been her three lynch pins of Women, Hispanics and Blue Collar workers. Something that she believes will help her win the last 3 big prizes of Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania in March.

Obama should win the primaries tonight but he needs to start braking down the grip that she has on Women and Hispanics.

I wonder how long before the dirty tricks campaign starts with Clinton? If she tries to play the race card she is going to lose.

Can Obama beat Clinton? Yes he can and I hope he does!

UPDATE: Obama takes Virginia by 63% to Clinton's 38%. He has now overtaken Clinton in terms of total delegates (pledged and super).

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