Threats issued at Quinn Support Group meeting

The Chair of Newry and Mourne District Policing Partnership, Sinn Féin Cllr Brendan Curran, received death threats at the Quinn Support Group meeting in Newry last night.

Cllr Curran has asked the PSNI to investigate a threat on his life which was directed at him as he was leaving the meeting.

Just as Brendan was leaving the meeting he was surrounded by up to four men and told that he "would be fixed". He was also told that he would be "sorted out" and to "watch himself" as well as receiving other serious verbal and threatening abuse.

The Newry Councillor said that whilst the eighty or so people who attended the meeting had engaged in a well rehearsed two hour tirade of abuse on himself and Sinn Fein, he had been shocked at the issuing of these sinister threats against him by people who had been inside the Hall.

"I have no doubt that those who issued these threats to me were serious, and I have contacted the PSNI in relation to the incident"

"I attended the meeting and when I spoke to those present I reiterated what Sinn Féin representatives stated at the time of Paul Quinns murder and have stated many times since. Anyone who has any information related to this murder, no matter how small or insignificant they think it may be, should pass it on without delay to the Garda or the PSNI. There should be nowhere for the criminals responsible for this murder to hide. These are criminals because they committed a criminal act of murder"

"It is now unfortunate that I find myself the subject of death threats because of my attendance at the meeting organised by the Quinn Support group"

I am not surprised that this sort of thing has happened when you consider some of the criminal elements who are surrounding the Quinn Support Group.

We have a situation where a person very close to Jim McAllister has been caught on camera attacking the home of Vincent Traynor. We have a young fella attacked with a hammer outside a local disco by a thug who claimed to be doing it in support of the Quinn campaign and now we have these death threats against Cllr Curran.

The Quinn Support Group is going to have to look at the people who are supporting them, is this what their campaign has come too?

How long before someone else is killed?

This is a very sinister development in relation to this campaign.

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