Super Tuesday

Today's the day when almost half of the American will vote to decide who the candidates are in the 2008 Presidential election.

Thus far it is making for an interesting competition between the Democrat's with both Obama and Clinton with 7 states each. Look out for three key states namely New Jersey, Missouri, and California. Whoever wins two could be tonight's winner, particularly if one of those two is California.

Considering Clinton's long-held edge in New Jersey and California, Obama wins there would be huge. There would then be one frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, and it wouldn't be Clinton.

On the Republican side McCain has picked up quite a few wins and Huckabee hasn't done that bad either. The big surprise is that the golden boy of the American right, Mitt Romney, has just picked up one state, his own.

Now the amount of Mormons in Utah make his victory there almost a cert however where else remains to be seen. If he manages to win California then all will be forgiven, if not then it's good night.

Thus far it reads


Obama- Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware and North Dakota
Clinton- Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New York, and Arkansas


McCain- Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Illinois
Huckabee-West Virginia caucus, Alabama, and Arkansas

UPDATE 1: CNN has given Connecticut and Kansas to Obama, Utah to Romney and Oklahoma to McCain.

UPDATE 2: Obama set to take Minnesota.

UPDATE 3: McCain set to take Arizona.

UPDATE 4: Romney is set to take North Dakota. Are there many Mormons in North Dakota?

UPDATE 5: Romney set to take Minnesota.

UPDATE 6: Romney takes Montana. Obama takes Colorado and Idaho.

UPDATE 7: Huckabee takes Georgia.

UPDATE 8: Obama takes Utah.

UPDATE 9: Huckabee takes Tennessee.

UPDATE 10: Clinton takes Arizona. McCain takes Missouri.

UPDATE 11: Romney takes Colorado.

UPDATE 12: Clinton and McCain take the big prize tonight, California.

UPDATE 13: Obama takes Alaska and Missouri

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