RIRA want British soldiers back on the streets

No, I'm not making this up!

This is actually what the so-called "Real IRA" actually want, British troops back on Irish streets.

In an interview with the Sunday Tribune (shudders!) they have said

"With more attacks on the RUC/PSNI we believe we can reach the stage where British soldiers are brought back onto the streets to bolster the cops,"

Have you ever heard such a ridiculous statement in all your life?

These people claim to be Irish Republicans yet they actually wish to see a situation develop whereby British soldiers are back on Irish streets.

Coming from South Armagh I am very glad that Sinn Féin and the IRA (The only IRA!) managed to achieve a situation whereby every British soldier, British Army helicopter and spy post was removed from our beautiful area.

Now we have these Muppets coming along and actually saying that they intend to make it their business to get them back on to our streets? Unbelievable!

How they have the cheek to call themselves Irish Republicans after a statement like that is beyond me.

This rabble of reprobates has also said that it views members of the Stormont executive, including Martin McGuinness, as "British ministers" and hence "legitimate targets".

So let's get this straight, Irish men and Irish women who were elected by Irish people to serve them are now considered legitimate targets?

Let's examine the dissident support in Martin McGuinness's constituency of Mid Ulster. In the 2007 Assembly election Sinn Féin in Mid Ulster received 21,094 votes, almost 50% of the entire vote, yet the dissident candidate only received 437 votes, a measly 1%.

Do they think that their 1% gives them the right to ignore almost 50% of the people in that constituency by declaring Martin McGuinness a legitimate target?

The GFA was endorsed by the Irish people, North and South, by a massive margin. Who are the RIRA to go against the will of the Irish people?

They need to realise that if they go against Sinn Féin and the Republican Movement then they are going to lose and lose heavily.

We are not going to bow down to micro groups with no mandate and no popular support.

Their "strategy" will end in only one way, with more of Ireland's sons either rotting in jail or rotting in the grave.

Any young Irish man or woman who considers joining this rabble should ask their prospective new "leaders" one question

When you send me out to risk my life and liberty, with no prospect of success, do you send me out alone or will you be with me?

We can secure a United Ireland and we will secure a United Ireland but it can't be done through the barrel of a gun. Those men and women who use armed struggle for the sake of armed struggle are guilty of treason against the Irish Nation.

No quarter should be given to them!

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you are a trader and sold out to the british