Political point scoring

It seems that some people have got themselves worked up into a frenzy over certain aspects of the newly appointed Victims Commissioners.

The Stoops are foaming at the mouth claiming that the four were appointed as a result of a secret conspiracy between SF and the DUP. What nonsense! Would they prefer the widow of a member of a sectarian murderous Unionist militia be installed as the sole Victims Commissioner thus effectively excluding Nationalists and Republicans from engaging with such a commission?

Unionists, not to be out done by their Stoop counterparts, have also raised some dubious grievances with the appointments. Primarily they seemed annoyed that Therese Mc Bride would describe herself officially as "the sister of an IRA volunteer killed on active service".

Am I missing something???

Was her brother Antoin Mac Goille Bhridghe (Vol. Tony Mc Bride) not killed on active service whilst engaging the SAS in combat? Why should he be labelled a 'terrorist'? The republican community do not view him as a 'terrorist'. This is already showing that some are trying to put the suffering of republicans as secondary to that of Unionists.

I see that they have no concerns that the wife of a member of a militia who colluded in the murder of hundreds of Nationalists and Republicans has referred to herself as the widow of an RUC man. What's the difference?

Furthermore they are not making a song and dance out of the fact that Mc Bride's father was murdered by a loyalist death squad. It appears that already some are attempting to create a hierarchy of victims. Indubitably they are trying to relegate republicans to the bottom of the pile and dismissing them as merely inflicting any victimhood upon themselves.

This is unacceptable. How can any such commission operate successfully in such an environment?

Unionists need to realise the republicans are by every standards equally valid victims in this British induced and waged war as Unionists.

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